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Navette by Alexis André is the debut collection of Craft Nouveau, a series of digital and physical artworks led by designers and generative artists marrying coded art with traditional craftsmanship.

The first 8 wallets to mint Navette during the auction will also be airdropped a Tapestry Redemption NFT eligible to claim a 67" x 98” large-scale physical tapestry corresponding to their unique digital artwork. Additional tapestries are available for Navette holders here.

Craft Nouveau is a partnership between TRAME, CPG, Art Blocks Engine, and Néolice.

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Navette explores a juxtaposition of the virtual and reality by fusing a digital generative process and a physical loom. This collection offers a voyage between the worlds, a shuttle weaving between the two. Using a combination of digital techniques adapted for the physical world, Navette plays with the notions of series and unique pieces, but also of the inherent randomness of the digital realm—featuring the infamous “glitch.” Generative art thus becomes a way of taking a shuttle to the edge of a new universe…

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Navette's research process was exhibited at the iconic Parisian luxury department store Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche in a special event featuring the artist, TRAME, CPG, and Art Blocks.

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Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche
24-25 February, 10:00-19:45 CET
38 rue de Sèvres, 1st Floor

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